In Memory of Deceased Classmates from our Classes of Spring and Fall 1958

Al Cailteaux 
Died abt. 2013
Arlene DeFelipo Murillo 
Arlene Burtnett Lissarrague 
Arthur Gerow 
Died bef. 1988
Barbara A Solter Fromm 
Barbara Ryan Cohn 
Barbara Fishbein 
Barry Rehfeld 
Died 2013
Bill Tiefenthal 
Died 2016
Bobbie J Washington 
Died 1994
Charles Dill 
Died 2014
Christine Gridley Bennett 
Died abt. 2014
Christine Lease Smith 
Claire Mentz 
Died bef. 1988
Dan Durst 
Died 1965
Dona O’laughlin 
Donald May 
Died 2012
Donna Funk 
Died bef. 1988
Donna Mayne Johnson 
Earlene A Ryan 
Edwia Bowser 
Died bef. 1988
Effie Pandell 
Died 2005
Etta Munson 
Died bef. 1988
Eugene Wilson 
Died 1996
Flora M Daggao-Griggs 
Died bef. 1988
Frances Carlson K Williams 
Died 2016
Frankie Mason 
Fred L Wash 
George Holt 
George Dargans 
Died abt. 2014
Gretchen Humerickhouse Callaway 
Died 2015
Harry Cooper 
Helen Kaman 
Irene Quan Chan 
James P Guthrie 
Died bef. 1988
Janice Louise Kirk 
Jerry Honda 
Died 1979
Joan Robel Valceschini 
John G Leveck 
Died 2012
John Gibbs 
Died 2005
Judith Barrett A Lawrence 
Died 1995
Judy Vetter 
Died 1978
Julia Wong 
Died bef. 1988
Julius Ehrlich 
Died 1996
Karen Chan 
Konrad H Von Emster 
Died 2016
Larry J Dana 
Died 2016
Martin Fisher 
Died 1990
Maurine G Butler Walker 
Died 2016
Melvin F Thomas 
Died 2000
Michiko Aoki Nakai 
Mike A Thompson 
Died 2016
Miriam Lewinski Meyerowitz 
Died 2013
Nadine Brown 
Nickolai Gregorieff 
Died bef. 1988
Noel Parente 
Patricia A Meek 
PernerTonyaBernice Roscoe 
Peter Greuther 
Died bef. 1988
Philip R Emrich 
Rich Duhagon 
Richad Cheu 
Robert Farber 
Died 2007
Robert Buster Law 
Died 2016
Rosalind Vasquez 
Rose Simmons 
Roy Wing 
Sally Young 
Sandra E Morrell 
Scot Blue 
Died 2001
Sylvia M Carp Segal 
died 2006
Teddy Wyatt 
Died bef. 1988
Wayne Redus 
Died 2000
William Olinger 
Died 2017
Williard Johnson 
Winifred E Dower 
Yoko Mitsuda 

Print Date: 4/6/2017 6:39:19 AM



2 thoughts on “In Memory of Deceased Classmates from our Classes of Spring and Fall 1958

  1. Hi Kris,

    although it shouldn’t be, it was a shock to read how many classmates have passed away. By chance do you have the year and/or obituary of the following:

    Scot Blue; Charles (Chuck) Dill; Barbara Fishbein; Barbara Solter Fromm; John Gibbs; Michiko Aoki Nakai; Effie Pandell; Sylvia Carp Segal; Christine Lease Smith;

    Some of them were friends from elementary and junior high. Thanks for any information you can provide. I appreciate you’re keeping us up to date.




    1. Susan, the deceased update list published today has some of the dates of passing but I don’t have past obits. Christine Lease Smith, I believe passed away in the 90’s. Most of my information came for the S/S.


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