In Memory of Deceased Classmates from our Classes of Spring and Fall 1958

Al  Cailteaux 
Died abt. 2013
Arlene DeFelipo Murillo 
Arlene Burtnett Lissarrague 
Arthur Gerow 
Died bef. 1988
Barbara A Solter Fromm 
Barbara Ryan Cohn 
Barbara Fishbein 
Barry Rehfeld 
Died 2013
Bill Tiefenthal 
Died 2016
Bobbie J Washington 
Died 1994
Charles Dill 
Died 2014
Christine Gridley Bennett 
Died abt. 2014
Christine Lease Smith 
Claire Mentz 
Died bef. 1988
Dan Durst 
Died 1965
Don A Jacobs 
Died 2017
Dona O’laughlin 
Donald May 
Died 2012
Donna Funk 
Died bef. 1988
Donna Mayne Johnson 
Earlene A Ryan 
Edwia Bowser 
Died bef. 1988
Effie Pandell 
Died 2005
Etta Munson 
Died bef. 1988
Eugene Wilson 
Died 1996
Flora M Daggao-Griggs 
Died bef. 1988
Frances Carlson K Williams 
Died 2016
Frankie Mason 
Fred L Wash 
George Holt 
George Dargans 
Died abt. 2014
Gretchen Humerickhouse Callaway 
Died 2015
Harry Cooper 
Helen Kaman 
Irene Quan Chan 
James P Guthrie 
Died bef. 1988
Janice Louise Kirk 
Jerry Honda 
Died 1979
Joan Robel Valceschini 
John G Leveck 
Died 2012
John Gibbs 
Died 2005
Judith Barrett A Lawrence 
Died 1995
Judy Vetter 
Died 1978
Julia Wong 
Died bef. 1988
Julius Ehrlich 
Died 1996
Karen Chan 
Konrad H Von Emster 
Died 2016
Larry J Dana 
Died 2016
Martin Fisher 
Died 1990
Maurine G Butler Walker 
Died 2016
Melvin F Thomas 
Died 2000
Michiko Aoki Nakai 
Mike A Thompson 
Died 2016
Mirella Simonson Alexander 
Died May 2017
Miriam Lewinski Meyerowitz 
Died 2013
Nadine Brown 
Nickolai Gregorieff 
Died bef. 1988
Noel Parente 
Patricia A Meek 
PernerTonyaBernice Roscoe 
Peter Greuther 
Died bef. 1988
Philip R Emrich 
Rich Duhagon 
Richad Cheu 
Robert Farber 
Died 2007
Robert Buster Law 
Died 2016
Rosalind Vasquez 
Rose Simmons 
Roy Wing 
Sally Young 
Sandra E Morrell 
Scot Blue 
Died 2001
Sharon Lappis Goldfein 
Died Dec. 9, 2016
Sylvia M Carp Segal 
died 2006
Teddy Wyatt 
Died bef. 1988
Wayne Redus 
Died 2000
William Olinger 
Died 2017
Williard Johnson 
Winifred E Dower 
Yoko Mitsuda 

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Wayne Redus 



2 thoughts on “In Memory of Deceased Classmates from our Classes of Spring and Fall 1958

  1. Hi Kris,

    although it shouldn’t be, it was a shock to read how many classmates have passed away. By chance do you have the year and/or obituary of the following:

    Scot Blue; Charles (Chuck) Dill; Barbara Fishbein; Barbara Solter Fromm; John Gibbs; Michiko Aoki Nakai; Effie Pandell; Sylvia Carp Segal; Christine Lease Smith;

    Some of them were friends from elementary and junior high. Thanks for any information you can provide. I appreciate you’re keeping us up to date.




    1. Susan, the deceased update list published today has some of the dates of passing but I don’t have past obits. Christine Lease Smith, I believe passed away in the 90’s. Most of my information came for the S/S.


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