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What are our classmates up to – Let me know your story

Here’s what John Rosenberg is doing

John Rosenberg

Some of you may be aware that I am the Northern California speaker for Compassion and Choices, the sponsor of SB 128 – The End-Of-Life Option Act. If passed by the state legislature this bill will have California join the 5 other states that already have Death with Dignity choice legislation allowing mentally competent, terminally ill adults to choose to end their own lives in a peaceful, painless way, rather than to continue suffering.

If anyone is interested in having me speak before their group (club, church, synagogue,etc) or has questions about this legislation, please contact me at


Heres what  Morton  Drohlich is doing – His professional name since 1960 is Dave Marty. Check his videos on YouTube

Dave MartyAbout a year and a half after I graduated GWHS I joined the musician’s union and began my professional career.​  That was 56 years ago. Having started my first instrument in 1952, that makes 63 years total I’ve been playing music.  In 2010 I was inducted into the American Banjo Hall of Fame in the category of Proformance/Contemporary.  For the last 15 years of my career I’ve been entertaining senior communities all over the San Francisco bay area.  Before that I was the featured novelty act on cruise ships for 17 years – which afforded me the opportunity to see a lot of the world.